Construction around the hotel accidentally cut the internet, so I’m really limited on internet access now… expect delays on postings. Oh and we have a few people who are having stomach problems and Holden has had to go to the hospital. He’s back now, but we’re all super cautious. :/ Here’s something I wrote yesterday on Monday:

Relatively normal day because of classes and stuff, but still good nonetheless. Raining again, though not as heavily as yesterday.

Economics still proves to be interesting (if not a bit confusing). I learned this word in Chinese today which means “older alumni,” so yay, now I can say Ms. Little是我的师姐 and Jake是我的师兄。We also had this interdisciplinary class today, focused on the rose farm trip over the weekend and combining the topics of the morning classes. I found it a bit long, but maybe it’s just because I was sleepy then.

At lunch, Alex and Andrew had a bitter melon eating contest, and they ended up eating like 16 or 17 slices. Wow, I had two and was like, I’m out.

For sports today, we had something new. Four square! I haven’t played in a long while, so I was mehhh at best, but we played in the school’s kind of courtyard area because it was raining outside, though when the ball rolled outside under the rain, people would run after it to get it. One thing about the school is that the floor is predominantly marble, so when it’s wet, it’s SUPER slippery. Anna slipped and slid down the stairs on her butt trying to get the ball once, and after that, we always reminded each other to slow down each time we went to go get the ball. xD

We finished learning all the moves for taijiquan and I feel so accomplished! Yay! Now I just need to practice the steps over and over again…

Also watched a documentary this afternoon called “Dam Nation” about the dams in America and the problems it’s caused. Very compelling and well made.

Jake’s humor is just bad jokes: What do you call a rock star who is green? Elvis Parsley.  What’s brown and hard? Me trying to do a crossword puzzle in brown ink. Goodness. -_- Also, in class today, he told me to sit at his table, and I asked why, and he said, “to serve me of course. Get me food.” And then during econ, we were talking about food that we liked. Now, I’m pretty flexible with food, so I said I didn’t have any favorites and specifics, and Jake just goes, well would you rather have horse rectum or chocolate cake? And I’m just like… really? XD Jake just loves messing with me, I swear because I can’t tell most of the time if he’s being serious or not. Like, I asked him today if I could have a bar of chocolate in the class, and he said, “no, it’s only for me.” and then after I started walking away, he starts laughing and says “of course I’m kidding. Here.” He’s so like… the same type of person all the time that it’s just really hard to decipher. He’s totally a great guy though. He and Ms. Little, PA ‘08 wootwoot.  I HAVE to get their contact info before I leave… you know, because they’re awesome.

Anything else…? Oh right, we played Mafia again tonight but this time with the lights out so oooooooh scurry! Ms. Little was gonna join us, but then she was too tired. Darnit.

It’s great because I really feel like this whole group is just one big extended family now. I mean, it’s a nice feeling to have, and for sure without it, I would be missing home like crazy. For example, I’m totally comfortable just dressed in my pajamas and going over to Ben and Andrew’s room to play cards. Same with the others. It just has a very… family feel to it, you know? The family dynamic formed here is super super awesome, and I look forward to the next two weeks enjoying my time with these awesome people.

I know sometimes it’s repetitive, but I think keeping track of my feelings and everything is super important. At least for me, so if I’m feeling something, I go ahead and write it down. More anecdotes to come!


And Tuesday things:

Walking around the Pan Long is nice and relaxing, and it’s… interesting to see the two sides of Kunming, poor and wealthy. It’s sad though because when the river floods, it’s built so that it only floods the poor side and not the wealthy side. We also collected some water samples to test, and Felix and Ms. Little went down to the very slippery river bank while the rest of us looked from above xD Also, apparently Yan laoshi taught at Andover from 2007-2012, and how is it that everyone else knew this except for me?!

Anyway, for dinner tonight, we had American food overload. KFC, McD’s, and Pizza Hut, all at one meal. Ohhhhhhmygosh my taste buds are shocked because I’m so used to having Asian food this past week, and then suddenly so much American stuff o.o

And last thing for this really long journal entry: I’m fairly used to the routine here now. And it’s nice. 

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